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"Sordaria minima" distribution

  • Dear friends.

    We are now preparing to print an article about new and noteworthy records of coprophilous ascomycetes from Ukraine. Among them is «Sordaria minima».

    Sordaria minima Sacc. & Speg., Michelia 1(4): 373. 1878. This is a very interesting and rare fungus. We assume that this is a new record for Eastern Europe. The question is about its distribution. From the available sources we know about the following localities: Denmark, Germany (Am I right?), Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA, Argentina.

    Please specify! Perhaps we missed something?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Yulia,

    S.minima is common in Germany. I think she is often overlooked because she is so small. She is always associated with Thelebolus sp. at which she may be parasitized. I also do not think that this species is really a Sordaria. There is still a need for research.

  • Interesting species, Yulia!

    The question is: "Sordaria minima Sacc. & Speg." or Melanospora aculeata E. C. Hansen.

    Or this two are one variable species?

    We discussed it at ascofrance.fr, where you can also find links to this forum.

    Look here:

    unknown on sheep dung - Forum ASCOFrance

    Regards, Nobi

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  • Dear friends.

    Thanks for answers.

    I agree with the Rada. Massee & Salmon (1901) and Richardson (1998, 2004) admit that due to small perithecia it can be also overlooked.

    In one of our specimens, an apothecium of Thelebolus cf. stercoreus was also found in immediate proximity to perithecia of S. minima.

    I agree with the Nobi too. Nomenclature, identity and placement of this taxon remain problematic. It is referred to in the literature as “Sordaria minima problem” (Doveri, 2004). We use the name S. minima Sacc. & Speg. because it is currently listed as accepted name both in Index Fungorum and Mycobank .

  • Dear Norbert!

    I read with a great interest the discussions devoted to "Sordaria minima Sacc. & Speg." and Melanospora aculeata E. C. Hansen: on this site as well as on Ascofrance.

    Fruit bodies of our samples lack seta. We also found Thelebolus cf. stercoreus near the one of perithecium.

    All features we observed fit those in descriptions of "Sordaria minima" collections from the UK (Massee & Salmon, 1901; Richardson, 1998), Denmark (Larsen, 1971), and Italy (Doveri, 2004).

    Regards, Yulia

  • Hi Yulia, where will it be puplished?

    Here you can find the publication.

    Look at pages 546-548 for "Sordaria minima".


    Hier geht es zu meinen Themen.


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