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Talaromyces for sequencing.

  • Guys, for the last 4-5 years I have been trying to identify a Talaromyces that specifically grow on seeds of Washingtonia.

    You can follow and see the pics here:


    To sequence it, I have to isolate it on media, which I managed. Now I need to dry it. I have a home made incubator with temperature control (now set at 40C). My plan is to put the petri dish in it but the water moisture evaporating out will condense on the lid and back into the media. I thought of uncovering it but I am afraid it gets contaminated leaving it uncovered for a day. Ideas:

    Drilling the lid with small hole / holes (less chance of contamination)

    Place a sterile filter paper instead of the lid.

    Sprinkle over sulfur to inhibit growth of any fungi (just a weird idea!).

    Put petri dish it in a sterile, close tupperware container with the lid open over a bed of dry silica gel

    How should I dry it without contaminating it.

  • Hi Steve,

    How should I dry it without contaminating it.

    I will pass your request on to Professor Dominik Begerow.

    Maybe he can tell you a solution.

    It would be a pity if the sample is contaminated and 5 years of work are over.

    However, it may take some time until you get an answer.

    best regards,


  • I managed to dry it with the filter paper method after sterelizing it in the microwave at 440W for 5 minutes. Maybe I am making lot of fuss for nothing because the agar dried in c. 30hrs and that is too short time for any serious contamination.

    Now what about storage? I have in mind to l cut the agar around the colony wrap it in aluminium foil and put it in close dry environment, perhaps tupperware container with some silica gel. I am sure insects will feast on the agar if I leave it in a box. I have lot of silverfish in my house recently (probably they are attracted to fingi)

  • It's Ok Martin don't worry, we share opinions without any regret! I was also a bit silly to think it may take 3-4 days to evaporate, but it was quicker (at 40C). Thanks for your thoughts!

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