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Preussia terricola ?

  • Hello everyone and I am asking you for advice!

    On cattle (cow) dung.

    Ascomata: scattered, semi-immersed, subglobose.

    Asci: 78-115x13-16 um; 8-spored; clavate, long stipitate.

    Spores: (21.5-) 23.8-25.7x5.2-6.1 um; transversly septate; deeply constricted; germ slit parallel; gelatinous perisporium absent. Terminal cells are longer than middle ones. Middle cells barrel-shaped, wider than long and usually equal in size.

    The examined sample is similar to Preussia terricola Cain. But, I have doubts about the size and shape of the ascospores.

    I would be grateful for your ideas and comments.



  • Hello Yulia,

    no, this is not Preussia terricola which has spores with mid-cells longer than broad.

    The only Preussia with mid-cells broader than length I know is Preussia typharum.

    But the spores of your found seems a little bit too small for this species!

    I know it with spores mostly 28-32 x 7-9 but also 26-30 x 6-7 µm.

    Maybe that there is an error in your measurement?

    Or you did find a small spored variation?

    Or a new species which should be called "Preussia minitypharum".;)

    Best regards, Norbert

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  • Dear Norbert!

    You're right. At first I also thought about Preussia typharum. But the spores is too small. I also doubted my measurements. I took measurements several times, checked the calibration. My measurements are correct. I’m also confused by the shape of the middle cells.

    I also assume that in Preussia / Spormiella the size and shape of the spores may vary depending on maturity. But how much they change is a question. Will the cells change from barrel-shaped or hemispherical to cylindrical? I'll try to revise my samples a little later. I think it is necessary to study the spores in the later stages of maturity.

    I like the idea with a new species J

    Regards, Yulia.

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