Melanoleuca - two different or same species

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  • I am investigating two kinds of Melanoleuca sp. found in the same park, basically composed of Aleppo pine on rocky ground with many moss or wild grass lawns. One population consisted of two large specimens (one collected), and the other consisted of 10 or so scattered small fruiting bodies (2 collected). The colors are almost the same, but the former are larger (pileus 5cm across), fleshier, with upturned pileus margin, the other are smaller (pileus 2 cm across), more neat and petite, perfectly round and plane pileus and with more crowded gils.

    I would love to have an indication if they are the same species (the former is an older specimen from the latter). One should be Melanoleuca melaleuca, but maybe there are other species here in the south!

  • OK , seeing the joker card did not work, I went on to check the spores of both collections, and I am quite sure that the spores are alike, hence both the large and the small mushrooms are of the same Melaleuca species

    Spores stained in Cotton Blue are shown.

    Measurements (14 from each collection) resulted in the following averages

    (6) 6.8 - 8.1 (8.4) × (4.9) 4.92 - 5.8 (6.1) µm

    Q = (1.2) 1.24 - 1.5 (1.6) ; N = 28

    V = (76) 90 - 137 (151) µm3

    Me = 7.4 × 5.4 µm ; Qe = 1.4 ; Ve = 114 µm3

    I think it is Melanoleuca polioleuca (Fr.) Kühner & Maire - Common Cavalier